22 thoughts on “10 tips for web design in Photoshop

  1. Great video guys some great tips and you explained them really well. I really need to start using grids in web design mock ups, thanks!

  2. hi guys,
    div id=”headerbg”
    /div>..in my style sheet:..
    {width:100%; height:115;
    backround:url(../images/structure/headerbg.gif); }
    when i view design, its blank..help

  3. hi guys,
    i designed a gradient header background , saved it as headerbg.gif, (10px/115px) in a folder inside my project folder.i am currently using visual studio developer.

  4. hi guys,
    Nice videos, very inspiring.
    i’m running a web project, and i need help transferring my photoshop images saved for web and devices, to my website.

  5. The video was nice, short and simple. It is important to have a good web site to attract the visitor to the business web site and increase the net trafficking.

  6. put your ideas together and tighten it up in PS for sure. To do it right you’re going to need to hand code it in Dreamweaver.

  7. Great tips as usual. I just wanted to mention that it’s pretty easy to embed fonts these days. You can make them from freely licensed fonts, or buy them from premium font providers. This offers some new ways to replace images and offer more text as well.

  8. Oh well. lol. 20 part video.. But. Okay I get it haha. But still.. I can be designing the greatest website in Photoshop but I still don’t know how to make a website out of it xD It doesn’t have to be a video. Maybe you know where I can try to find a tutorial?

  9. Hey guys, thanks for the comment! Hope the crazy weather you guys are having isn’t affecting you too much. I’m waiting for my opportunity to come out and see how you guys are getting on out there! We’ll have to get you all in on a video conference in one of our meetings! James.

  10. haha! Thanks for the comments SonnyBrown, indeed, those little Ikea chairs are not the most comfortable thing to sit on! Good thing we’re only sitting on them for a few minutes a week.

  11. That video would be really long, to learn how to efficiently hand code it it takes more than a single video.

  12. A really nice follow-up of this video would be a video on how to code this in Dreamweaver. I’ve been thinking about designing in Photoshop because it’s way way easier. But my only problem is.. How can I code this into dreamweaver? With links and other things.

  13. I love the tutorials and tips you guys put up, but just watching your posture makes my back hurt. Trust me on this, you will have back problems sitting like that. I don’t want to sound like your mum, but have to have an arch in your lowerback, or the your sacrum to your lumbar disks will start to decay and you will have pinched nerves the rest of your life. It’s not fun.

    But DEFINITELY keep up the good tuts guys!!

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