Flexible and User Friendly Web Design

Adopting Flexible and User Friendly Web Design
The concept of web design is becoming complicated day by day and it is very essential for the designers to keep themselves updated about the new technologies.

With the increasing competition in the online space, every business wants to develop a sharper and attractive website in order to imprint their strong presence on the global platform of internet. Achieving this goal is not so easy and the designers and web developer really need to sweat profusely to accomplish this task. Further we will discuss about a few new aspects in web designing using by expert designers.

Single Page Web Design
It is old-fashioned to design a big number of pages for a single website and arrange them according to the user preferences. It is noted that the viewers do not show much interest to view all the pages of a website and it is also not comfortable to jump back and forth from one page to another to gather information. By honoring this user behavior, the newer concept in web site design is single-page design in which the entire content is fitted into one single scrollable page. This mode makes it far easier for the user to access all information at one place with easy navigation buttons to go to top, a particular headline, or to the bottom of the page.

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Fixed Navigation

It is a very comfortable option for the users where they can see the scrolling navigation buttons along with the movements of the page. So, you need not scroll up to go to the navigation tool bar each time, instead you can click on the navigation button from any part of the page. The vouchers Manchester website does this well.

Using Negative spacing Effectively

Negative spacing is otherwise called white space, which the space in between text, images, and the columns. It is not a wise idea to fill the entire web page with content or images. In order to give a balanced look to the web page, like on the El Capo page, it is essential to make use of the negative spacing also very effectively.