5 thoughts on “Hit Web Design Tips: Give Direction

  1. Letting your page flow gives more opportunities for your visitors to think about what they are looking for and what they want out of it. I love this piece of info/advice by HIT. Everything should be clear enough so that attention is grabbed and KEPT within the first 15 seconds. Great video.

  2. love websites that just “flow” and that are all well put together and just each page goes with each other.

  3. Nothing is worse then going to a site that you have no idea how to surf in. I agree that the navigation really does need to be clear.

  4. I like this advice, because I hate it when I go to a website and I have no idea where to go. Very confusing sites out there that really need some revision.

  5. I agree with Boubacar…you really only have 15 or 20 seconds or maybe less to have visitors engaged. I like these little tutorials hit web does. they are very effective.

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