6 thoughts on “How to Design a Website | Web Design Tips and Techniques by CI Web Group

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  2. aw, c’mon? You’re part of the iCult? Photoshop was somehow bad, Dreamweaver was a no-no and Flash is the EVIL OF EVILS??? But it’s OK to use HTML5 that’s not even properly released yet. Like you can’t make obnoxious animations in HTML5/CSS3/javascrip?
    Flash is still a great tool, especially on top of PHP/mySQL to display dynamic realtime updated graphics. Building a complete site in Flash is of course wrong for SEO but who does?
    On another note. This was a comically ugly and boring presentation

  3. This is an educational point of view for web designers around the world. Now if you want to ask the designer to build a design please ask them if they are capable of this web design categories.

  4. Thank you Jennifer…now, I do not feel so lost in the web designing world…great job on educating…I will be checking out CIWeb design….what brought me to your presentation was knowing that “youtube” can be a great place for learning (amongst other things)…I just typed in “how to create a web page” and I looked for the time of the video…”Time” is one of the many important variables for learning…great quality information and presentation in a nice simple format. Thank you!

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