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  1. tip 6: edit tthe video so it doesn’t run a black screen for over a minute when the talking as finished hehe

  2. Good tips!! Just ran into a lady who had a pretty site built with all the text on her full page jpg graphics. Search engines will never see her site.

  3. Flash is also known to take down a browser when it stops responding as well. Best use for flash is just for animated video and definitively not for core functions of a web site. Clients always ask about flash until you detail out the reasons not to use it but even then some clients insist on flash at which time I have to send them some place else. I haven’t updated my flash knowledge since early 2000

  4. Actually That’s not the problem, if you do your hw you will soon find out that flash can do all that plus more. The problem is viewing flash content natively through your browser. In order to view flash content you need the flash player. Now we all know that the flash player is banned from all iOS devices, thus making flash obsolete on all iOS devices since it’s content can’t be viewed.

    Another down fall is that the majority of browsers don’t come with flash.

    This is why we can’t be flashy.

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  6. One reason to not use flash website today is because of search engine. Mostly, flash sites have problems in search engine rankings because of poor site structure and no meta tags for robots to check.

  7. the best way to view my services is with video – youtube (or vimeo) so if flash is a problem then are you saying not to use youtube? (whatever your answer I am still going to use youtube)

  8. I totally agree don’t use flash, but the reason given was probably the least important reason for not using flash, and the slide bred analogy was lacking in meaning.

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