25 thoughts on “UI Design Tips, Advice and Inspiration

  1. Actually, I work from white canvas, I must be better than god then. And not just me, lots of DESIGNERS (not wannabe like mlwebco) create works from scratch, from nothing.

    Religion is irrelevant here.

    Also we are not playing god, we are designers/artists, we must create, that’s why they pay us for.

    Is true that sometimes ideas are hard to achieve and must look for inspiration, but I said, “One thing is get inspiration and other is ripoff a design.”

  2. Thanks Dude its really help me in finding and doing new UI mockups and getting new job:)
    Just inspire and Do something more creative than that! its up to you, how much you are sincere with yourself, Good Video…

  3. If you are trying to be a designer and said you learn from this video, you are loosing your time, you better look for another job or career.

    I’m not trying to like anyone, I’m saying what I do think and this is quite insulting to the people who actually put time and effort on creating an original layout, for those who actually DESIGN their work.

  4. One thing is get inspiration and other is ripoff a design.

    This video is actually quite horrible to anyone who can actually call himself a designer. Copy a design is not create, there is something called “originality” and its very lost in the explanation of this video.

  5. Honestly though, those times you get lost in the canvas just start designing, experiment. Literally copying design elements becomes a bad habit as you don’t start to learn what is good design. Over time you grow, start to learn what works and become a better designer.

  6. My thing is I like coding and I like keeping the website updated but when it come to design I always go blink

  7. Dude. You totally hit the spot. Alot of times I need to make a site and looking at a blank canvas really gets me nowhere. Often the part that I meet with the most delay is the inspiration. Thanks so much!

  8. Great video! Can you use Fireworks to design text-fields on a site? Or was that just for prototyping.

  9. Thanks so much Michael. This video has been so very helpful. Well presented and so encouraging. I’m really glad I found it. 🙂

  10. thanks mike I’m building a website for my portfolio while i’m between jobs and your vids have been soo helpful.

  11. Thanks you one more time, i learn from you a lot of good and usable things, also in this video you show me what i really wanted right now, because i have to done my web design tomorrow and i have no idea what my footer have to look like… And this is what i need it. Keep going and thanks again.

  12. Your videos have been more informative and educational then even my design classes. The tips you provide are invaluable. Thank you!

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