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  1. Hey Mike, I’m a self taught graphic designer and I’ve been designing logo’s and other stuff for quite sometime now. Well though I am good I never got hired anywhere because I never had a formal education in any of the above mentioned skills of mine. Now I have been learning HTML and CSS myself but do you think because I never had a formal education I won’t get my ‘dream job’ of working as a UI/UX designer?

  2. Hi Michael. I m jyothi from india physically handicapped girl one leg polio. I m thinking to do course in Web designing. i humbly request you can this course have career as you know i m thinking to join in web designing plz reply sir

  3. Hey Michael, thanks for posting these videos.. I am just starting out and am having trouble in finding a product that takes me through the stages from low to hi-fidelity wire-frames and eventually coding.. Do you have any suggestions? This is not necessarily a product to get you started but rather one from which i can consider all required aspects upto the final product…

  4. Hey Mike, currently getting digital media degree, would it be better for my career to get a Masters Computer Science for career as a web developer straight out of college or experience then Masters? I’ve looked into dream job like @ Google and they require a Masters in Computer Science. What do you think? Experience over Education or Education over Experience?

  5. Thanks for the videos Mike! As an aspiring web designer, the job market seems a little choked right now. Your videos keep my drive going to pursue this career. I already have a B.S. in Marketing so I think that helps diversify me from other people. At school again right now getting at “certificate” in web design. Thanks again, keep up the good work!

  6. I would say any course that focuses on design will help you. Depends on which college and which courses you can choose from. But any design centered course that focuses on visual design, UI design or UX design will be of much value to you.

  7. I actually created a video on this topic a while back titled “Are Freelance Web Designers Still Valuable?” …just do a search in youtube to find that video. I talk about why you don’t have to worry about those cheap services. People still need freelance designers. People still like a live person to talk to and help them with their sites, so yes there is still value in freelance designers even though these cheap services still exist. Check out that video.

  8. You will find work. Web UI/UX Design is always in high demand. But you may not have the experience right away, so you might want to look into landing some internships to start building relationships with people. That should be your approach if you can’t find full-time work right away. The jobs are there, but you first might have to work at a lower level first to build your experience, then move up. That’s the approach you should look into. Also, always freelance during this process.

  9. hey michael, I have one year left in my digital art & design program and I was wondering how hard it is to find work once you’re out of school. Free lancing seems alright but I would feel a lot better if I had a secure position in a company or firm. I’m actually kind of scared that I wont be able to find enough work to even pay rent :s

  10. Be interested in a video topic: What do you think about the very inexpensive website building subsidized by Google and Intuit to get businesses on-line that is being supported by various states. For example, California Get Your Business Online. How can web developers compete with this? Or should that be a concern?

  11. I tried that. No Success. After I quit that job companys came to me with work.
    So I did it in opposit order 🙂
    Your advice is good, but they should not loose too much time if it doesn’t work. Otherwise they will get stuck in a bad job.

  12. this is great advice – get a job within a company in any position in order to break into a design position

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