25 thoughts on “Website Design Tips: The Standard Website Layout

  1. Very helpful! I’m a complete newbie. What software would you suggest to build a website with the layout you describe. Thank you.

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  3. Well over 2 years later, I just wanted to share that I REALLY enjoyed your video… I’ve actually spent the last (nearly) 3 hours now watching several… outstanding, simply outstanding!

  4. I dislike the billboard idea as it takes up space or content, the images are a nightmare to design plus it can cause people to scroll down for content which users dislike.

  5. billboards whats the easiest way for client to update billboard alot without using me to update it

  6. can i use photoshop to design my web then transfer to dreamweaver without converting to jpeg? cos i find it difficult designing in dreamweaver

  7. Great video! Set up your ecommerce business for free with our Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorials:

  8. Thanks for the great lesson on best practices for website layout.
    I appreciate your show and tell instruction with the examples from well designed sites.
    Excellent work!

    Rose Offner

  9. Very, very useful. I’ve been learning tags and stylesheets and goodness knows what else but have no idea how to put it together as a web page. This 8-minute clip now has my head buzzing with ideas. Thank you for uploading it!

  10. Greetings Mike, what software do you use to capture your PC screen as you’re creating your videos for YouTube?

  11. Hi Mike,…… love your vids man. i checked out your video on “the standard website layout”. what is the measurements on the header, billboard ect.?

  12. Dude…. I just spent the last hour or so devouring the content you’re sharing and I’ve got to say that you’re an OUTSTANDING instructor. Thanks so much for your uploads. I’ve subscribed and will be following up with questions and feedback shortly. Congrats also on your success (SR. User experience designer @ Yahoo?! that’s pretty epic).


  13. hey i like all your videos that i watch I am in the process of buying a laptop for my own freelance website design busines i have about 400-500 to play with what should i get a Mac or Pc and will Adobe Suite work on mac Thanks

  14. I have to agree with you, I have watched many tutorials on the net and these are the best yet I have found on web design. I have used Fireworks for years and thought I knew it pretty well, but I learn something every time I watch another video!

    Clear, easy to follow, not too long and great examples of ‘real world’.

    Thanks Michael for these brilliant videos!

    Webbo (UK)

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